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Moment of Truth: When the Phone Rings

Moment of Truth: When the Phone Rings

Any successful business can be made or broken at the sales counter.  Inbound calls are one of if not the most important areas to perfect, the end goal being turning a potential customer into an actual one.

There are 6 steps to a successful inbound call:

  1. 3 Ring Rule
  2. Can Do
  3. Consistent Greeting
  4. Take Notes
  5. Quote From List – If Asked

Customers may not always be right, but they will always decide.  A prospective new customer’s decision to visit will be based on their perception of the promises you make to them.

Their decision to purchase and keep coming back will depend on how well you keep those promises.  At the beginning of a call, the customer will be gauging the risk in dealing with a new vendor.  Your job is to build credibility, and you do that by making small promises, and then keeping them.

It all starts with the first visit – so give this event the time and focus it deserves.

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