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“Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Shop” Series: Do you know what your Business should be doing?

Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Shop” Series: Do you know what your Business should be doing?

When you are working day-in and day-out in your business sometimes it is difficult to have a clear insight into what you should or could be doing in the way of revenue and profit. Working 10-hour days will lead us to believe that there is no way realistically to do any more than I am currently doing with the business.  After all, there aren’t any more  hours in the day or days in the week that I have already committed to the business.  I have often heard people quote the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.”  But is that really possible in a hands-on business like I run?

Well, I would challenge that the phrase is equally applicable to businesses as it is to individuals.  Businesses can work smarter, can work more efficiently, and can work in a more purposeful manner.  Make no mistake – it doesn’t happen magically and there is no “silver bullet” but it is possible through a combination of examining what you are doing now, looking at what you could potentially do in the future, and paving the road to get there through a comprehensive set of planned (and proven!) actions.

The ShopPros software application can begin to help you visualize this new reality for your business. It starts with establishing the “productive capacity” of your shop.  That is, if your shop were operating optimally with your current staff what could you potentially be doing?  It starts with answering these simple questions on the right.  From this data we can establish what your shop is capable of doing given its current staffing levels by using industry standard productivity and efficiency standards that are backed by our own practical experience throughout our network.


Armed with this information, the software will then take you through a comprehensive planning process that is designed to bridge the gap from your current performance to a new optimized performance level that incorporates every aspect of your team and your business.  The plan incorporates benchmarking from other shops like yours so that you can compare and challenge your team as well as best-in-class industry guidelines to see how you stack up.  Get started on your journey to performance improvement and realize the true capabilities of your business by visiting www.shoppros.com today!

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