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Skill Development & Learning (LearnPro)

Knowledge transfer in our industry is essential but are the traditional methods of training like instructor-led and now virtual training webinars really effective in sustaining knowledge?  Today’s evolving technology and information requirement is leading ShopPros to a next generation learning platform for Technicians and Advisors that provides more consistent engagements – in fact daily – that not only teaches but systematically reinforces learning in order to increase and sustain knowledge.  We are excited to introduce a more effective platform to train your team in order to drive performance – a reimagined learning system – LearnPro.

LearnPro is simply a better way to learn.  By delivering targeted, bite size problem-centered training sessions the platform is able to leverage actual data from the team member and apply Artificial Intelligence to discern their level of confidence and competency – relative strengths and weaknesses and then continue to deliver content to build on those strengths and weaknesses.  The content is delivered via an App that can be accessed at any time, anywhere and from any device.  In addition to daily fed content, learners can also choose to consume more content on their own.  The fact that the delivered content is tailored to the needs of each individual team member facilitates an enhanced learning environment that moves with the level of understanding of the team member.

In addition to robust Technical Content, the platform delivers critical information to your customer facing Advisors with modules focused on: technical knowledge for Service Advisors, Advisor core selling skills, daily challenges and word track help to make sure they are able to apply their learning to drive top line results for your business.