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ShopPros is North Americas fastest growing management, marketing and training company for independent automotive shop owners.

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The first step is admitting that getting a little help might make sense. The second step is to sign up for a ShopPros BusinessBuilder exercise, our unique software which breaks down your business plan into manageable changes to transform your business. 

Find out what you aren’t doing that the very best shops are doing and then select the actions that best fit your situation to drive the new numbers. 

At the highest level, ShopPros members operate at 80% or more of the shop’s productive capacity, have profits of 15 to 20%, and own a systems driven business that runs smoothly with minimal supervision.  

ShopPros measures and improves all key metrics. Active counts, growth, satisfaction, loyalty and spending profiles. 

Here Business Owners become Business Leaders. We help our members recruit, train and motivate a high quality team. Your top players won’t have a job, they’ll have a career. 

 By offering an electronic workflow system, every player knows the exact status of every job at-a-glance. The end result is a smooth operation and happy customers.

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Productive Capacity

The importance of Productive Capacity - and how it drives your bottom line.

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ShopPros combines technology, state of the art techniques and marketing strategies, one-on-one coaching, and Performance Groups to create a unique and powerful learning experience for automotive shop owners.


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