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ShopPros is literally transforming the way people look at their business and as a result, changing their lives!

We facilitate working “on” the business through comprehensive application that targets specific actions to accelerate your outcomes!

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I have been a member of ShopPros before it was even ShopPros. Call us founding fathers. LOL. I have have spent 25 years training with so many organizations within this industry. There are a lot of amazing people out there. Why ShopPros? It's driven by shop owners, who live , breath and experience your pains, your same highs and lows, your staff issues, your financial issues. I get it. I run a 2nd generation business since 1976. I have been a member since 2004 because it's not just about learning, teaching and a coaching with you. It's about proven real world and time systems. Not stuff from 10 years ago being still coached and trained. I like that ShopPros is about high performance shop owners wanting not just the low hanging fruit, they want the whole thing, they want sales, Net profit, systems, process, marketing, HR. It's a company that helps with so many facets of our automotive business. Their analytical software Business Builder combined with the power of Protractor, makes it the only superior shop management coaching tool. The team behind ShopPros are just like us, not executives, or CEO they are former shop owners, family of shop still running, Industry leaders and some of the greatest owners aiding to help develop their systems. There are coaching and training companies that can easily fix a broken shop. That's simple! What happens when your shop is running smoother how do you climb up to the next level! Carlo Sabucco-Owner and all other positions held in Sils Complete Auto Care Centre, Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Team leader of G4 group who are the founding members of the organization since 2004 we have been like family and built incredible companies with the ShopPros way.

Carlo Sabucco Oct 10, 2021

Joined ShopPros less than a year ago and I could not be happier. They are always there to support you with all your needs. Trust the process and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Keep up the good work everyone!

Eric Walker Jul 7, 2021

I've been a member of the ShopPros group for 5 years now. I was looking to join an organization that I would call a "Team Member" instead of just a company with their vision. The comradery at ShopPros is tremendous and every member is there to help you if you need advice. ShopPros has made a tremendous impact on me, my shop, and my family.

Rob Brouwer Jun 6, 2021

I joined ShopPros at the beginning of 2020 after trying other automotive business management products and wanting something different. Well ShopPros delivered and not only did our shop numbers increase but the accountability I now have with other automotive shop owners is priceless! I highly recommend making the investment into your business and in you!

Jeffrey Grassman Jun 6, 2021

Great coaching and fantastic accountability. Shoppros keeps you on track and focused. Highly recommend them to anyone who wants to take their auto repair business to the next level.

Booy Family Jun 6, 2021

Love the Shoppros system, advisor training also highly recommended. Immensely helped with my repair shop’s growth.

David Jun 6, 2021

Shoppros has made a huge difference in my business! Three years ago I was considering shrinking my two-shop business down to one because things weren't going well. Now I find myself wondering if I should be adding locations!!! As a small business owner you often question everything you're doing and wonder what needs changing, adding or deleting. With the relationship you continuously build and strengthen with your coach and your Shoppros peer members, you are constantly challenged and told outright what's what - sugar coating it just delays the inevitable! Haha! Having this group to consult makes decisions much easier when you have those that are in your industry and super experienced giving you advice. Decisions you delay and delay acting on are pushed in the right direction. Thank you Shoppros. Success is now in my sights!

Phil Deveau Jun 6, 2021

An excellent company that has YOUR best interests at the core of their purpose. ShopPros has a professional attitude and the tools to assist you and your business succeed!

Steven Muir May 5, 2021

Incredible company to be partnered with. They keep me accountable which i need to keep me on target. They help to reduce my work load. I can not say enough about Richard, Ashley, Kirsten and Jamie. There teams keep me moving forward. If your if the market for a coaching team give them a call.

Matt Tibbetts Apr 4, 2021

ShopPros has been a great asset to my business. The BusinessBuilder software tells me exactly where I need to be on a daily basis! The coaching and training team is very helpful and professional!

JW Chapman Apr 4, 2021

This team is highly qualified and provide amazing training and customer service! Highly recommended.

Riaz Sidi Aug 8, 2019
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