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Auto Repair Shop Coach

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The Ultimate Auto Repair Shop Coaching Program

Mastermind group coaching is the future of auto shop business coaching. Our Mastermind coaching groups help you enhance your car repair shop by providing peer brainstorming, accountability, and support. A group of automotive shop owners who think alike and push each other to succeed in their businesses.

Maximize your business’s potential. Begin your journey to save time, increase your sales, improve employee management, decrease stress, and achieve success in your shop.

Why Choose Mastermind?

Virtual Coaching

Mastermind is an auto repair training program and community for auto shop owners who support each other in finding success. In the online sessions, you’ll discuss auto industry insights, strategies, and best practices with fellow members and industry experts. Virtual meetings help you stay ahead in the auto repair industry by allowing discussions, problem-solving, and learning.

In-Person Meetings for Intensive Learning

Twice a year, Mastermind members come together for two consecutive days of in-depth, in-person sessions. Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops, collaborative problem-solving, and exclusive networking opportunities. These meetings provide a unique chance to forge lasting connections with industry leaders, gaining insights to help you excel.

Auto Repair Shop Coach

Key Benefits of Mastermind:

  1. Take Back Your Time: This program helps you to make operations more efficient, improve processes, and hire the right staff. It saves time and helps you achieve a better work-life balance.
  2. Increase Financial Security: Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial strategies. Learn to maximize profits, manage expenses effectively, and build a financial foundation for your shop.
  3. Effective Employee Management: Master the art of leadership with modules dedicated to employee management. From hiring the right talent to creating a motivated team; our program equips your with the tools needed to lead your staff to success.
  4. Reduce Stress: Our program helps you identify and eliminate sources of stress, fostering a healthier work environment.
  5. Grow Market Penetration: Elevate your shop’s visibility and customer base through targeted marketing strategies. Learn how to effectively leverage digital platforms, build brand loyalty, and penetrate new markets to ensure sustained growth.
  6. Find Freedom: Experience the freedom you’ve always desired. Mastermind provides you with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to establish a self-sustaining business. This enables you to take a step back while still achieving success.

What Comes With Your Membership:

  • BusinessPro Access: an online platform created for goal setting, revenue projections, financial planning, and accountability.
  • Twice Yearly In-Person Meetings.
  • 30 Day Gross Profit Challenge designed to accelerate your auto repair shops growth.
  • 30 Day Service Advisor Skill Challenge to quickly improve your shop’s sales.
  • Weekly Virtual Meetings
  • Easy-to-implement employee accountability tools.

Join Mastermind Today

Are you prepared to elevate your auto repair business to greater heights? Join our dynamic community to drive success in your automotive business. Choose Mastermind for your auto repair training, where expertise meets collaboration, and where your shop’s potential knows no bounds.

Take the first step towards a brighter future for your auto repair shop and book a discovery call today. Embark on a journey of growth, prosperity, and unparalleled success.

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