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Auto Repair Shop Business Plan in Denver, CO

Auto Repair Shop Business Plan

The Importance Of Creating An Auto Repair Business Plan

Did you know that businesses with financial plans expand 30% more quickly than those without them? Making a business plan is important for your auto shop’s success, and at ShopPros, we understand that.

That’s why we created a software to help you build a business plan and set tasks to reach your goals. Creating your business plan with ShopPros is like using a GPS while driving; it’s possible to navigate without one, but having one reduces the chance of getting lost along the way.

Having a clear plan is important for growing and achieving your business goals. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced business owner or new to the automotive industry. A plan is essential for success.

The Power of Strategic Planning

A business plan is necessary for a successful business. It provides guidance and confidence to you and your team as you begin your journey. It makes creating, analyzing, and executing your business plan easier than ever before.

In today’s auto repair market, merely relying on intuition or experience might not suffice to stay ahead. Our software allows you to analyze data and make a unique business plan that helps you stand out from competitors. Our program goes beyond mere templates, offering you a personalized framework that aligns with your unique vision and goals. You can then plan your targets for each Key Performance Indicator from Billed Hoursto Target Labor Sales, Parts Sales, Average Repair Order, and Car Count.

When you start with us to create your plan, we take you through a series of questions about your business. This helps to identify potential area’s of improvement with your shop and action items that can be assigned to accelerate your path to success.

Unveiling Industry Insights

Understanding where you stand in comparison to industry standards is key to identifying areas for improvement and growth. Our program provides you with comprehensive benchmarking tools, allowing you to benchmark your performance against industry peers. You can see if your performance numbers are above, below, or spot on with other shops with the same number of technicians.

The comprehensive reports also give you insight to see how other automotive shops are performing with their billed hours. It shows the top 20 technicians and top 20 service advisors performance within the network.

By understanding industry trends and best practices, you can improve your strategies and make your business more efficient and profitable.

Setting Actionable Goals

A business plan is only as effective as the goals you set to get yourself there. With our program, you can create actionable goals that serve as a guide towards your overarching business objectives. Our software can help you set goals, track progress, and track revenue growth.

With each goal, you can set a time frame for you to complete it by, giving a sense of accountability. You can assign that goal to a staff member, so they know what action items they are responsible for. You can also keep up-to-date notes so at a quick glance all members of the team know the progress on that action item.

The program also includes a library of how-to videos to help get you started with some of the action items, helping you overcome obstacles or challenges with brainstorming on how to get started.

Goal setting is a key part of making sure your plan is successful. Business owners who create goals are 10-times more likely to be successful. Business owners who write out their goals and make them visible to the team are 42% more likely to achieve them.

Empowering Your Team

Success in auto repair relies on teamwork. Our program helps involve and align every team member with your business goals. By setting weekly billed hour targets, you can motivate employees and boost productivity for business success. With our intuitive interface, managers and owners can easily monitor employee performance and provide timely feedback to drive continuous improvement.

With a quick glance at the dashboard, you’ll be able to see trending results for your shop, including; Billed Hours per Repair Order, Sales, Car Count, Average Repair Order, Gross Profit Percentage, and your Effective Labor Rate.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying informed is crucial for making decisions. Our program provides real-time data and performance metrics. It gives you an overview of your business’s performance at any time. Our software helps you track sales, gross profit, and average repair order, giving you the insights to stay ahead.

The Benefits Of Choosing ShopPros

Tailored Solutions For Your Shop

Our business planning software tailors each plan specifically to your business. Every automotive shop is unique, with its own set of challenges and obstacles. We recognize that a standardized business plan may not be suitable for every situation. Starting with a series of questions about your business, we personalize each plan to address the specific challenges your shop faces, helping you overcome obstacles effectively.

Most shop owners review their results at the end of the month when the month is already over. Reflecting on what has happened in the past. Our clients watch their KPI’s in real-time each week, so there is time to adjust and pivot to meet that month’s targets.

When you’re trying to drive your business forward, you want to be looking at the road ahead, and not constantly glancing in the rearview mirror. Just like driving, relying on current data and insights can help you see a clear view of the path ahead. Reflecting on past numbers does offer some perspective, but it’s the road ahead that truly dictates our journey.

Automotive Industry Expertise

We specialize in the automotive industry. We have extensive experience in helping automotive repair shops succeed, grow, and meet their goals. Whether your goal is to boost sales, expand to a second location, or develop an exit strategy, ShopPros can help get you there.

Comprehensive Insights

We provide valuable information about market trends, competitors, and performance, helping you make smart decisions for your business. Our insights keep you ahead, uncover growth opportunities, and optimize strategies for maximum success.

You also have access to our Opportunity Calculator to see how much money is being left on the table, and how much potential your shop has. By plugging in different numbers for billed hours and productivity, you can easily see at a glance the difference these small differences will make to your business.

Customer Support

Our dedicated team is committed to your success every step of the way. We provide ongoing assistance and guidance to help you implement and adapt your business plan effectively. Our experts are here to help you with whatever you need, whether it’s getting things done, solving problems, or improving strategies. We’ll make sure you stay on course to reach your goals.

Two Options To Better Serve You


Our Aware Dashboard allows you to compare your performance with the average of similar shops. You can see how your numbers compare to other shops nearby or with a similar number of technicians. This data can help you see where your shop is performing well, and some areas that may need some work. You might believe your figures are impressive until you compare them with other repair shops.

Aware provides data to help you make informed decisions for your business operations.

BusinessPro Lite

BusinessPro takes your shop’s historical data to help you create a new plan for the future. It helps you create goals for your Key Performance Indicators, Car Count, ARO and technician hours. It then helps to keep you on track with goal setting and actionable items to keep you aligned with your business plan.

Crafting a comprehensive business plan for your auto repair shop has never been easier with ShopPros. Our innovative computer program streamlines the process, allowing you to create, analyze, and execute your business plan with confidence.

Our software can help you succeed in the competitive auto repair industry. It does this by comparing industry standards, setting goals, and providing your team with the necessary tools. This will empower your team to perform at their best.

Take the first step towards your automotive repair shop goals and unlock the full potential of your auto repair shop.

Our Suite Of Products

ShopPros has a wide range of services to help your business reach its goals.

The Mastermind groups help guide you along the path to success and keep you accountable to your action items. These groups are dedicated to helping you achieve your definitions of success, whether that’s becoming an absentee owner, feeling comfortable to step back from the business and have it run on auto pilot, expand into another location, or make it profitable enough to sell.

The Marketing program boosts your online visibility, attracts more website visitors, and improves customer experience.

The LearnPro program delivers daily training to your service advisors. Using AI, it creates a personalized training plan for each employee.

Our Customer Management Group lightens the workload for your service advisors by managing incoming calls. This helps your service advisor to focus solely on the customer in front of them.

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