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Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Shop Series: How is your Quality of Life?

Re-Inventing Yourself and Your Shop Series How is your Quality of Life

Running a shop can be an “all encompassing” occupation.  It involves marketing your business, ensuring you have the right staff – both on the front counter as well as in the bays, balancing customer expectations, having the right equipment, training, parts supplier, and the list goes on and on. Many times, you can feel overwhelmed and frustrated with any part of these challenges much less all of them combined.   The stress of running a dynamic business can definitely take its toll on you personally as well as your family at home – because as an owner of a business – we all know that work doesn’t stop when the key is turned in the door at night.  Unfortunately, it gets carried home with us at night.  This typically leads to added stress and the feeling of – do I really own a business or does the business own me?

So let me ask you a few questions: How much of your week is spent working in the business versus working on it? Does your shop operate the same when you are not there as it does when you are?  On the occasion where you must be away from the business for a day or even several hours do you have to check in regularly or take frequent calls to resolve issues?  When is the last time you took an extended vacation away from the business?

How is your Quality of Life

Work / Life balance is important in any person’s life, but I would argue that it is even more important in our line of work.  Owning a business shouldn’t be a burden that one carries but should be a rewarding experience that creates a great since of pride in the service you are providing to your community.  The good news is that you are not in this alone.  You have a great team in your shop that you can develop, train and empower to make good decisions. You have access to tools that creates consistency of purpose and allows you to spend quality time working ON the business.  ShopPros helps you create a roadmap for your business through a robust planning and performance improvement engine that not only puts you in the driver’s seat but allows you to involve everyone in your business in the effort. If you are experience the feeling of being “owned” by your business, come join the hundreds of shop owners that have found new freedom and improved quality of life through our application.  It only takes a few minutes to determine if this is right next step for your business.  Visit us at today!

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