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Do you have a busines model and a Plan to Drive It?

Have you ever wondered: 

1)What is my Marketing Model? 

2) Where am I now? 

3) Where do I want to go? 

4) How much should I budget and where should I focus the expenditure?

This is a recording of a 1-hour Webinar hosted by ShopPros coach Richard Dansereau.  

Pick up one new idea that can help you drive your profit and customer retention higher.

Building a Culture of Success with Mike Brewster

 They may be competitors, but more and more independent repair shops are also open to the idea of helping one another and learning from each another. 

Cooperation is often found in the midst of crisis.

But three close friends, whom he’d come to know through ShopPros, came to his rescue.

 Along the way, they streamlined some of his processes, reassured his customers and staff, and led the business to its best November ever. 

 Building Wealth in the Automotive Repair Industry with Rob Rowsell